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Get Unbeatable security deals from Finatrack Global Ltd. Licensed corporate private security service providers by the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA). Licensed service providers of vehicle tracking solutions by Communications Authority of Kenya.

5 Year Trucks Plan

 Keep Your Truck Safe and Prosperous with Finatrack Global Ltd!

Attention, Kenyan Truck Owners! Are you looking to secure your precious asset and boost your business? Look no further! Discover the Finatrack Global Vehicle Tracker Package – the ultimate key to safety and success!

💥 Certified Vehicle Tracking System: Our top-notch vehicle tracking system ensures round-the-clock protection for your truck. With real-time GPS tracking, you’ll always know where your truck is, keeping it safe from theft and unauthorized use.

💼 5-Year Warranty with NO Annual Renewal Fees: Trust in the longevity of our product! Enjoy a hassle-free 5-year warranty with no annual renewal fees, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business!

🛍️ Exclusive Discounts on Automart: As a valued Finatrack customer, you gain access to exclusive discounts on Upgrade your fleet or find the perfect truck, all while saving big!

🔧 Truck Solutions from We understand the importance of your truck’s performance. Benefit from expert truck solutions from, ensuring your truck operates at its best.

💰 Efficient Asset Finance Solutions: Expand your business with ease! Gain efficient access to asset finance solutions through our partner banks, making your growth plans a reality.

💲 Price: Kes. 35,000

Don’t compromise on your truck’s safety and your business’s success! Join countless satisfied truck owners who rely on Finatrack Global Ltd for their vehicle tracking needs.

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Asset Finance Tracking

We provide vehicle tracking for vehicle finance companies. Our vehicle tracker secures the ownership interest of both the financier and the buyer.

This solution enhances peace of mind of all parties involved.  We currently offer vehicle tracking solutions for micro finance institutions  and the following bank in Kenya.

Contact us below to get the best deal on vehicle tracking for your asset finance.

Business & Individual Vehicle Tracking

We understand the constant challenge of monitoring your vehicles performance and the behaviour of your drivers at your absence during commercial trips! How about fuel wastages?

We are gifting you with our affordable yet sophisticated GPS Trackers to manage all your vehicles on your screen, monitor your drivers’ behaviours and get notified when your vehicles leave specified localities

Get flexible payment packages for your vehicle tracking needs from us today. Our certified vehicle tracking services are accepted as evidence of anti theft device by all insurance companies in Kenya. 

Features and benefits of our GPS tracker

Real time tracking
Always know the current speed and location of your vehicle.
You are able to trace back the recent past movement, mileage, location and speed of your vehicle
Get notified when your vehicle leaves the specified location radius
Engine Control
You are able to disconnect the engine power if you want to stop the vehicle, and also restart the engine from your phone.
Specified Alerts
You get real time notifications on your vehicle overspeeding, power disconnection, engine status etc
Generate Reports
You get custom reports on trips, mileage, stops and other vehicle activities. These reports are printable.

additional Product Offers

OBD Tracker

Plug It In


Plug in the tracker to the OBD port in your vehicle; commonly located below the steering the wheel.


Real time tracking, historical playback, vehicle reports, disconnection alerts, always on, dust proof. 

Magnetic Tracker

Portable Tracker


Magnetic portable tracking device. Suitable for tracking containers and vehicles. Attach to body or hide inside the vehicle.


Real time tracking, historical playback, vehicle reports, disconnection alerts, always on, dust proof, long battery life, rechargeable.

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